General information
What is ICO?
ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a kind of crowdfunding allowing the project to attract investments through sale of tokens, which entitle the holders to receive profit.
When will the ICO start?
ICO will he held on 14th of October, 2017
Can I participate if I reside outside the EU?
Yes, you may. The only country which is restricted from Worldcore ICO is the United States. Participation in the ICO is not permitted to US residents/citizens.
Will you hold another ICO later?
No, ICO will be carried out only once, in October 2017.
I am under 18, can I participate?
No, only individuals over 18 years old can participate in ICO.
How can I participate in Worldcore ICO?
Please open an investor’s account which is required to purchase and manage tokens.
What if the company fails to achieve minimum milestone?
In case Worldcore fails to achieve its minimum milestone by the end of ICO all the funds raised will be refunded to investors.
What is a WRC token?
Token is a kind of digital stock of Worldcore that can be sold or traded at crypto-exchange. The token holders are entitled to get annual profit from the Worldcore’s revenue.
How much does one token cost?
During ICO the price of a token is 0.10 USD.
How many tokens in total will be issued?
During the ICO we will issue 1,000,000,000 WRC tokens valued $0.1 USD each.
What will you do with the unsold tokens?
All unsold tokens will be burned on the day following the closure of ICO.
What is the maximum amount of token I can buy?
There is no limit for tokens purchase, i.e. you can buy as many tokens as you want.
What is the minimum amount of tokens can be purchased?
Minimum amount is 100 WRC for all payment options except bank transfer. The minimum amount of tokens purchased by wire transfer is 10,000.
Do you sell tokens to corporate customers?
Yes, we have no restriction for sale of tokens to corporate customers and institutional investors.
How can I pay for tokens?
You can buy tokens by Debit/Credit cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.
How can I pay for tokens in cryptocurrency?
Worldcore accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. To pay for tokens, using any of those cryptocurrencies, please initiate tokens purchase at Worldcore investor’s wallet and you will be provided with payment instructions.
How can I pay for tokens by bank transfer?
To purchase tokens by bank transfer please select bank transfer as a payment option in Worldcore investor’s wallet, specify the investment amount and submit a transfer. The system will provide you with wiring instructions for making a payment. Please note that tokens are sold for US dollars only.
I have sent payment for tokens by wire transfer but the amount is greater than the specified one. Will I get more tokens?
The payments are identified by the amount and payment reference. If any of those parameters doesn’t match please contact a support team to identify your transfer and issue appropriate amount tokens for you.
Who pays the fees associated with token purchase?
All fees are covered by token purchasers including but not limited to bank wire fees, cryptocurrency transfer fees and so on.
Token trading
How can I make money on tokens?
In addition to token trading that you may engage in, the company pays annual revenue share of 30% to all those who supports its blockchain project by joining ICO.
Why purchase of Worldcore tokens during ICO is profitable?
During ICO tokens are sold at reduced price. When listed on cryptocurrency exchanges the value of tokens is expected to be much higher. So, even if you decide to sell your token on the very first day of their trading, you can get profit.
Where can I trade my tokens after ICO?
After ICO all tokens will be available at crypto-currency exchanges. The list of cryptocurrency exchanges will be announced later, closer to the end of ICO.
Profit sharing
What is revenue share?
It is part of the annual company's profit gained during the year. Worldcore distributes 30% of its profit to token holders.
What is my revenue share?
Each holder receives a revenue share proportional to the number of the tokens purchased.
When will I get my revenue share?
All payouts will be made on March 31 each year starting from March 31, 2019 for 2018 fiscal year. There will be no revenue share payouts for 2017 due to start of using ICO funds for company scaling starting from the end of 2017 year.
In what currency will I get my revenue share? Can I change the currency?
Payments are made to Ethereum wallets. Currency for the revenue share payouts cannot be changed.
Can I see the financial reports?
Access to reports is determined by the number of the initially purchased tokens. Investors that own tokens valued at over USD 50,000, have access to real-time fully transparent Worldcore financial reports.
Smart Contract
What is Smart Contract?
Smart contracts help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman.
Smart contracts not only define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but also automatically enforce those obligations.
Where can I get Smart Contract code?
In order to get information about smart contract please contact us at ico@worldcore.com
Protection and security
Who can see my personal and payment details?
This information is available to selected Worldcore employees only. All employees are bound by non-disclosure agreements and strict security procedures.
How can I know that my data is protected?
Worldcore uses a wide variety of security measures to protect the user data. The company has obtained Extended Validation Green Bar SSL certificate ensuring safe connection between the website and end user. Security of transactions with Credit/Debit cards is confirmed by PCI DSS Level 1 certificate. All the information is stored encrypted and is available to a very limited number of employees, who are bound by non-disclosure agreements. Moreover, employees with access to private customer information are constantly being monitored by Worldcore security department. Each case when the staff accesses customer personal information is validated and recorded.
Bounty program
What is bounty program?
It is a program enabling individuals to get tokens for active participation in Worldcore ICO promotion, in other words, it is a way to get tokens with no investment.
How can I earn my bounties?
You can earn bounties by advertising in social networks, publishing articles, translating ICO materials to other languages, posting on forums with target audience, creating banners, developing software, etc.
How much will I earn with bounty program?
In order to get information about bounty program please contact us at ico@worldcore.com
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