Choosing the right partner predetermines the success of the whole business.
Keeping this in mind, Worldcore does its best to provide the world-class service for the best results.
Worldcore offers a wide range of payment solutions which making the financial lives of our customers easier and comfortable.
So, why do customers choose Worldcore?
Unique complex of services.
Owing to a wide range of payment products available at Worldcore the customers can forget about any other payment processors and free their mind and PC from unnecessary information.
Using Worldcore payment account the customers can take advantage of the following:
  • Multi-currency account with all payment features of traditional bank account;
  • Cryptocurrency conversion services;
  • Plastic and virtual prepaid debit cards with fully-automated issuance;
  • International money transfers to almost any Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay payment cards worldwide;
  • Checkout for websites;
  • Free internal transfers;
  • Mass payments;
  • International mobile recharge available for over 170 countries.
Exceptional security
Worldcore works hard to ensure the ultimate security of its users at any level.
Safety of the company’s operations are confirmed by PCI DSS Level 1 certificate, one of the highest distinctions of security and trust in financial services industry, and by Extended Validation Green Bar SSL certificate, ensuring safe connection of user to Worldcore system.
The clients are offered a multi-level protection of their accounts, including:
  • VoiceKey tool is a security instrument that authenticates customers by their voice.
  • FaceKey is a biometric authentication option that recognizes users by their faces.
  • Fingerprints is one of the most preferred authentication options all over the world. *Available in mobile apps only.
  • One-time PIN-codes to e-mail for transfer confirmation
  • SMS-PIN is also available for confirming transactions.
Worldcore strictly abides by the principles of KYC policy and has developed its own algorithm, allowing it to detect and prevent any fraudulent activity. Our Compliance department constantly monitors all the activity at accounts by over 10 different parameters to detect fraud or unusual activity.
The system encourages users to verify their accounts by offering extended list of products for their payment needs, therefore, raises awareness of its customers.
Ultimate opportunities for e-commerce
Webmasters can take advantage of numerous features of Worldcore by adding the official plugin to their websites to start accepting payments online and to make automated payments.
By adding Worldcore Checkout the businesses enable their customers to pay for the goods and services using any payment option they prefer, including payment cards, bank transfers and cryptocurrency. The key advantage of this option is that the users are not required to hold an account with Worldcore.
Worldcore extended API allows the clients to automate payouts and to make regular mass payments to Worldcore accounts, bank accounts, Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay cards and mobile phones.
Also the service enables the customers to create and send well-prepared invoices that can be paid using all the available payment options.
Affiliate program
Another key feature of Worldcore is its affiliate program. Owing to this unique partnership system the users can not only benefit from the comfort of using one payment platform for everything but to make extra money as well.
Key advantages of affiliate program:
  • Available for individual and corporate affiliates;
  • You can earn 15% of service revenue for each individual client attracted;
  • You can earn 20% of service revenue for corporate accounts;
  • Get paid per action option to earn money by sharing information about Worldcore;
  • Ready content to be shared with your referral link embedded;
  • The money earned is automatically deposited into your Affiliate Balance;
  • Earnings are withdrawable to bank account or payment cards
  • Custom conditions for high-volume affiliates and introducers
All these features make Worldcore an ideal tool for any company, regardless of the scale of the business.
Don't miss something valuable indeed in your life!
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