Being one of the most innovative companies on fintech market, Worldcore offers a rich selection of financial products and services to the customers of any category.
Each product is unique and serves some certain needs, and the array of all products makes Worldcore payment system almost ideal tool for any business.
Product portfolio of Worldcore includes:
Multi-currency payment account for bank transfers
This option enables the customers to accept bank transfers without necessity to open bank account.
Key advantages:
  • Fully remote opening of multi-currency account;
  • 0% commission for bank transfer funding;
  • A complete alternative to traditional current bank account;
  • No limits for transactions;
  • No setup fees and no monthly maintenance fees;
  • Entirely electronic application process and the same-day approval.
Prepaid debit card®
It is a ultimate prepaid debit card of Worldcore, offering unlimited payment experience.
Key advantages:
  • USD, EUR, GBP currencies;
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit of 4,000 Euros or equivalent;
  • ATM withdrawal limit of 1,000 Euros per transaction or equivalent;
  • Instant crediting from Worldcore payment account;
  • Loadable with bank transfers;
  • Just 2.25 Euros per ATM withdrawal;
  • Cost-effective instant payout solution;
  • 5-day delivery by DHL.
Virtual debit card
It is a unique multi-currency payment option allowing the users to shopping online with no risks.
Key advantages:
  • Instant issuance;
  • Reloadable and valid for 3 years
  • Maximum balance of 20,000 US Dollars or Euros;
  • Multi-currency transactions;
  • Safe online payments with 3D Secure;
  • Cost-effective instant payout solution;
  • Unlimited number of cards can be issued;
  • Instant funding from Worldcore payment account;
Mass (batch)
A convenient tool that helps to save time.
Key advantages:
  • 0% fee for transfers to other Worldcore accounts;
  • No limits for transactions;
  • Multi-currencies transfers;
  • Payouts to almost any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay payment cards internationally;
  • Payouts to bank accounts;
  • Payouts to Worldcore prepaid debit cards;
  • 24/5 support;
  • User-friendly and simple interface;
  • Universal way to pay salaries and make affiliate payouts;
  • Uploading list of contacts in .xls or .csv format
A useful option for cryptocurrency community, allowing to make payment in crypto-currency almost to any Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay card worldwide.
Key advantages:
  • No registration required;
  • Up to 500 USD or EUR per transaction with no limit of transactions;
  • No need to install any additional software;
  • Instant processing and settlement within 1-3 working days
Payments to any Visa / Mastercard / UnionPay cards
It is an option enabling account holders to send payments to any person worldwide from the comfort of your home.
Key advantages:
  • Payments to any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay cards issued by any bank in more than 150 countries;
  • Limit per transaction: 5,000 EUR/USD;
  • Unlimited number of transfers;
  • Cost-effective payout solution with a fee of just 2% + €6/$6 depending on transaction currency;
Smart Invoicing
It is a business tool of Worldcore allowing to issue a well-prepared invoices just within a couple of minutes. The system can save your invoices and even automatically reissue without your participation, if necessary. All you need to complete setup of recurring invoices is to set the frequency.
Key advantages:
  • Free of charge;
  • Fastest way to create a substantial invoice for your business;
  • Takes just 5 minutes to create a well-organized invoice;
  • Includes such parameters as advance payment, discount, shipment and tax;
  • Generated invoice can be downloaded as pdf file, or sent to an e-mail or a mobile phone;
  • Includes payment gateways for payments and enables the invoice recipient to settle payment by card, bank transfer or by e-currency, even if he/she is not registered in Worldcore system;
  • System notifies of the payments made under the invoices issued;
for merchants (SCI)
It is an instrument allowing users to start accepting payments on their websites by payment cards, bank transfers, e-currency and cryptocurrency.
Key advantages:
  • Designed to accept payments by payment cards, bank transfers, e-currency and cryptocurrency;
  • No need for multiple integrations;
  • Ability to send invoices to your customers;
  • Your customers can pay with any available payment option which they prefer;
  • User-friendly and simple interface;
  • Convenient bookkeeping options.
Powerful API
for payouts automation
It is option that enables the users to automate their payouts.
Key advantages:
  • Quick and easy integration;
  • Full assistance with setup;
  • Automates payouts, gives access to payment history and fetching account balances;
  • Completely secure;
  • Over 10 CMS modules for immediate integration;
  • Perfect for mass payments;
Affiliate program
It is a tool, allowing users to earn profit by sharing information about Worldcore. This program can be interesting to owners of websites or blogs, writers and contributors, as well as for those who spend a lot of time in social networks, forums, chats, etc.
Key advantages:
  • Available both for individual and for corporate affiliates;
  • You can earn 15% of service revenue for each individual client attracted;
  • You can earn 20% of service revenue for corporate accounts;
  • Get paid per action option to earn money by sharing information about Worldcore;
  • Ready content to be shared with your referral link embedded;
  • The money earned is automatically deposited into your Affiliate Balance;
  • Earnings are withdrawable to bank account or cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Custom conditions for high-volume affiliates and introducers.